Find out how you can receive cash of more than:
from the Federal and Queensland governments
Queensland’s widest range of Positively Geared properties including “NRAS-approved” in:
* Ipswich Region - Brisbane West        * Moreton Bay - Brisbane North
* Brisbane Suburbs
* Logan - Brisbane South        * Gold and Sunshine Coasts                   * Toowoomba and Surat Basin
* Mackay & Gladstone * Townsville North Queensland    * Mining & Resources                          
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I have now made four property investments through Graeme Shiels since 2007.He has always had the widest range of properties to choose from and is always careful to make the best possible recommendations for me.

When he first made the NRAS investment strategy available to me, I instantly understood the value of superior cashflow to me and have now bought two NRAS properties.

My first NRAS property, on completion, was tenanted in less than a week. And the building process is underway for my second NRAS property. I come up to Brisbane once a year to inspect my properties and look at the best properties that Graeme has available for me.

I would certainly recommend Graeme Shiels to anyone looking for the best investment strategy available at any time.

Jason, Builder - Sydney.

Graeme, a big thank you to you.
I could not believe that everything went so well and so smoothly with the purchase of my NRAS investment property in Ipswich. No worries at all during the whole process.

My NRAS property was tenanted within 5 days and I had to slow down the tenanting process, to ensure that the tenant did not move in before I could come up from Sydney to inspect my completed property.

The services I received from Graeme Shiels have been tremendous. I am very fortunate to have Graeme to look after me and I enthusiastically recommend Graeme Shiels to anyone considering making an investment in an NRAS property.

Jian - IT Officer, Sydney.

Managing Director
Graeme Shiels 0417 725 168